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Deck Removal Made Easy
Twist an entire deckboard out of place in one simple motion. No more bending over for hours at a time and wearing out your back. Demo-Dek allows users to stand and use the momentum of their body to simply and safely remove multiple deckboards in seconds.

Revolutionary Design
Demo-Dek allows maximum efficiency during the deck removal process as the user can always work from the still-planked side – unlike its competitors! Decking can be pulled up in a safe fashion, very quickly, while standing. Demo-Dek can even remove most residual fasteners with the integrated nail puller.
Reduce Time & Costs
Tired of deck removal projects that take hours or even days? Deck removal will never be the same thanks to the Demo-Dek. Remove a 300 square foot deck in ten minutes or less. Reduce overall job costs and improve project turnover with this all-in-one deck removal tool. 

What Makes Demo-Dek Better Than Other Deck Renovation Tools?
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  • Demo-Dek is the only tool designed to utilize body weight and leverage to maximize power, making deck removal far easier with the Demo-Dek than with any other tool.
  • Demo-Dek is the only tool that delivers a twisting displacement motion, again maximizing power.
  • Demo-Dek is the only deck removal tool that completely remove one entire board at a time – even with ring shank nails!
  • Demo-Dek is environmentally friendly – constructed with a renewable, high-strength bamboo handle. Bamboo is strong as steel by density and renews in a few months, compared to the 50 years it takes hardwood to renew after being deforested.
  • Demo-Dek’s lifter is made of heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability.
  • Demo-Dek shields the user from displaced boards by using a pulling action designed to control the displaced board. This feature reduces the user’s exposure to potentially injurious dislodged boards that are pressured towards the users of any push/pry tool.